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The Story Behind Eclectic Wellness

Bec Erickson, Natural Health Specialist and founder of Eclectic Wellness, created her multi-modality therapeutic health practice in order to align with, inspire and assist people who at times struggle with sub-optimal health and happiness, as she herself had done for much of her earlier life.

After experiencing many forms of trauma as a child, adolescent and young adult, the effects became evident on all levels, with Bec enduring many years of ill health, including debilitating bouts of anxiety, depression, autoimmune issues and hormonal imbalances. It was in her 30's, that she decided to truly listen to her body, trust her naturally intuitive and resilient healing spirit and place her happiness, health and peace of mind, back in her own very capable, somewhat alternative hands.


Over the next decade, she studied in various fields, including fitness, mental health, nutritional and herbal medicine, meditation, trauma and yoga. Bec changed her diet and lifestyle, incorporated natural supplements and teas, identified and processed unhealed traumas, worked on her mental, emotional and spiritual health, got back in touch with her inner guidance, transformed her mindset and created her own unique wellness script, regaining health, happiness, peace and passion for life along the way.

Now aged 44, and feeling the healthiest and happiest she has ever been, Bec is a proud Mum of 3 children (15, 21, 25), a passionate and qualified Health Scientist and a dedicated Natural Practitioner. Eclectic Wellness is her way of sharing her extensive experience and knowledge, in order to help others along their own paths to healthier, more meaningful, peaceful and purposeful lives.

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