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Health & Wellness Packages

Ultimate emotional, mental and physical alignment

Our health and wellness packages are intentionally created to assist you to achieve optimal health and happiness,

naturally. Instead of feeling like a chore or punishment, our paths to better health are more about being educated and inspired, so that you start pouring back into yourself, all the care and love you so easily give to others. Our eclectic style brings a sense of alchemy to your wellness journey, allowing you to reclaim, relax and reset, while being fully seen, heard and supported in a safe, serene space. 

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Holistic Health Reset

For anyone wanting to hit reset on all systems, minus the commitment, complexity and cost of a full blown head to toe health overhaul.


The Holistic Health Reset brings together all of our services in mini sessions over a period of 3 weeks, allowing you to address and focus on each area one week at a time and after 21 days, feel renewed and ready to take on the world again with confidence, energy, motivation and purpose.

This package is perfect if you have been feeling blah, bloated, low energy and/or mood,  and want to

reset yourself, tweak your diet and lifestyle. 

Duration: 3 x Weekly 1 Hour visits

Where you will receive dietary, exercise and lifestyle mentoring, supplemental recommendations, a tailored take home workout plan, guided meditation, plus email/text support for the duration.

Investment: $295

Return: A naturally happier, healthier you

Divine Reawakening
Mini Retreat

(Available Only In Person)

This special part day "retreat" allows you to focus on you and all areas of your health and wellness, while being guided and realigned with your own inner power.


You'll learn how to support yourself physically and mentally with food and natural supplementation, you'll learn how to exercise simply and sustainably for increased energy, flexibility and strength, you'll be shown how to create a sacred, safe space to gain clarity, guidance and peace whenever you require it...and you'll be offered nourishing juice, wholefoods and herbal tea.

This package is the ultimate gift either to yourself or for a special loved one. It is the gift of esoteric and holistic wellness and is perfect for anyone wanting to realign, reinvent, rejuvenate, take their power back and shine. 


Duration: 3 hours

You are welcomed with a delicious, fresh juice to sip during your Nutritional Consultation, then move into the movement phase of your morning with an exercise plan created for, explained and practiced with you. Next is your crystal assisted Guided Meditation, first a teaching and then a relaxing outdoor session, before you are offered a nourishing wholefoods lunch on the deck to finish.

Investment: $349 

Return: A Realigned, Inspired and Powerfully

Divine YOU, ready to share your gifts

with the world with ease and grace.

Meditating on the Beach
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