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Are you ready to start living your best life?

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Lifestyle counseling

If you're ready to make positive changes in one or more areas of your life, then aligning with us now may not be just by chance.

Eclectic Wellness is far from your average or standard health, support or wellness service, as we are all of them rolled into one.


Aside from having a background in Health Sciences, Fitness and Nutritional Medicine, we also believe, and are well practiced in a variety of wellness modalities for each the body, mind and spirit. We connect with our clients on various levels, quickly identifying their support needs and wellness goals. Next, we create and facilitate complete, unique client experiences blending our broad scope of practice and varied alternative approaches, while being guided by you, your personal beliefs, circumstances and schedule.

To discover how we can assist on your journey to optimum wellness and a life well lived, reach out via our Contact page to book a complimentary chat or feel free to explore our site and services by clicking below.

What our Clients Have to Say..

Half a world apart and in one hour, Bec empowered me with info, tools and comprehensive understanding about my body and the trauma it had to heal from and how to support it best with a change in nutrition and lifestyle switches. Night and day difference. I feel like I am living again instead of feeling caged in a broken prison. Thank you Bec xx 

Cailyn Cave - Quesnel, British Columbia

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