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Colorful Crystal
Herbal Medicine

by name and by nature. 

We are not your average, run of the mill, suburban health and wellness service. Aside from having our basis in Health Sciences and Nutritional Medicine, we also believe, and are well practiced in numerous other wellness modalities for each the body, mind and spirit. This broad and varied approach enables us to connect with our clients on various levels, and quickly identify their needs. We are then able to customize complete and unique, health and wellness experiences that suit their individual beliefs, circumstances and goals...

Are you ready to improve your health and happiness, naturally?

Eclectic Wellness with Bec

At Eclectic Wellness, we are passionate about helping others achieve peace and wellness, naturally.

We believe that with the right balance, guidance, intention, support and tools, we can all live a life filled with passion and purpose. We also believe that when ready, we align with the right experiences, people and places in divine timing, often prompting and enhancing our awareness, growth, and well-being, and allowing us to discover and step into our own unique gifts.

When we learn how to follow, fine tune and trust our inner guidance, we can better navigate life, seeing and feeling it, with renewed clarity and deeper meaning. This is when we tend to realize that we each have something special inside of us, that we are meant to nurture and share with the world.

With all of that in mind, we are so very glad that you found us!

What our Clients Have to Say..

Half a world apart and in one hour, Bec empowered me with info, tools and comprehensive understanding about my body and the trauma it had to heal from and how to support it best with a change in nutrition and lifestyle switches. Night and day difference. I feel like I am living again instead of feeling caged in a broken prison.

Thank you Bec xx 

Cailyn Cave - Quesnel, British Columbia

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