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Counselling Sessions

As a Counsellor who has also completed studies in health sciences, mental health & trauma, and is continuing studies in neuroscience, I've both the academic learned knowledge and a survivor's personal lived experience, perspective and understanding on abuse, the trauma that it triggers and how to learn, grow and heal from it. It's my belief that despite what you experience in life, you have the right and ability to overcome it all with the right guidance and support. My holistic style of counselling can assist in all areas of your life and for survivors of many forms of abuse, it can help to process and transmute stored memories, outgrow past conditioning, overcome limitations, remove the power and hold of negative outdated stories and shift yourself from survival mode into thriving mode.

One of the most important factors in healing and a key intervention in achieving balanced mental health is being able to form a therapeutic connection with someone who has the ability to help you move through your pain and assist you with your healing journey, by holding space for you and creating a safe and supportive environment. It's also been proven that such therapeutic bonds are better formed with someone who has themselves experienced traumatic events in their lifetime, because although much can be learned through lengthy and quality education, true empathy and understanding of impact comes from lived experience.     


Our counselling sessions can assist clients who were and continue to be impacted by the way they were raised by their parents or guardians; those wanting to break negative behavioural patterns in order to improve all areas of their lives; parents who are worried they are modelling patterns of behaviour to their children that negatively impacted them as children and young people; children, young people and adults struggling with fitting in to social norms; those questioning the health of their primary relationships; those wanting to develop self-awareness around their own needs, healthy boundaries and communication skills; those wanting to work on a healthy sense of self, not to be victimised by those who are manipulative and self-centred, often referred to as toxic individuals, or narcissists.


Areas we specialise in include navigating the stresses of life, Childhood Abuse and Generational Trauma, Attachment Styles, Boundaries and Relationships, Narcissistic abuse, and exploring and understanding neurodivergence including Autism and ADHD.

Our counselling sessions offer an authentic, neutral, private, safe space where you will feel heard and supported.  You will be provided a non-judgemental sounding board to help process your thoughts and feelings and will usually feel lighter and a sense of relief and positivity after sharing your concerns, dreams, fears, goals, wishes and more. Sometimes just having the right person to truly listen to you, guides you to your own clarity and inner solace.   

(All sessions are offered both In Person and Online and to assist, can be purchased with AfterPay in our Wellness Store)

Girl in Therapy

Adolescent Sessions

Children and young people are faced with many pressures, some that are a part of growing and maturing, others they should not have to experience and some that are exacerbated by the use of technology and social media these days. Issues they may be struggling with can include: 

  • Academic and work pressure

  • Adverse childhood experiences and trauma

  • Changing relationships

  • Depression and self-harm

  • Family troubles

  • Hormonal issues

  • Mood fluctuations

  • Neurodivergence

  • Peer pressure

  • Self-discovery and sexual experimentation 

  • Self-esteem and body image issues

  • Social anxiety 

  • Stress and expectations


Being able to connect with someone neutral and relatable, is often a hugely positive intervention on its own. Guided by the young person, our sessions offer easily accessible, adaptable support in times of need. 


Sessions available both In Person or Online

(Appointment Time: Up to 60 mins)

Adult Sessions

The pressures on adults these days just to manage themselves, cost of living, families, relationships, work, is ever increasing and if there are also underlying concerns or unexpected hurdles, it can be beyond stressful especially without the right guidance and support. Some of the issues that may benefit from counselling intervention include: 


  • Abuse

  • Adverse childhood experiences and trauma

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Domestic Violence

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

  • Grief and loss

  • Health concerns

  • Parenting struggles

  • Relationship and communication problems

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

  • Work and/or financial pressures


Being able to connect with a non-judgemental and empathic person, can make a world of difference when someone needs to feel heard and understood. Guided by the client, our sessions offer easily accessible, adaptable support in times of need. 


Sessions available both In Person or Online

(Appointment Time: Up to 60 mins)

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