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Meditation, Personal Training and Yoga Sessions

Need help calming your mind, relaxing and managing your stress levels? Want guidance to set and smash your fitness goals but don't like busy classes and gyms? Interested in learning yoga, but not wanting to feel like you're surrounded by experts ? 


We do workouts without the gym or crowds, we offer private Yoga and Meditation without the classes and judgements, and we tailor each of your sessions to suit your individual circumstances, feelings and needs.


(All sessions are offered both In Person and Online and to assist, can be purchased with AfterPay in our Wellness Store)

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Guided Meditation

A regular Meditation practice is said to aid in greater awareness of self and others, heightened sense of inner calm and focus, increased ability to manage stress, healthier immune systems, better sleep quality and more. However, beginning your Meditation journey can be a little difficult if you really struggle with switching off. 


This is where we can help you with our private Guided Meditation sessions.

(Available both In Person or Online).

We can assist you to reach your desired level of inner peace and teach you how to tap into that bliss, when you most need it.

(Appointment Times: 30, 45 and 60 mins)

Personal Training

Regular exercise can assist with all areas of your health and well-being, including enhancing physical and mental health.

Our private Personal Training sessions are perfect for those wanting to increase their level of fitness, manage their weight, increase flexibility, stamina and strength, reach a specific goal or train for an event. 

We focus on your current abilities and work with you to build your fitness level in a way that is effective and sustainable. We don't believe in over training, busy gyms or fancy equipment, we rather focus on functional movements,  incorporating both cardio and strength training in each of your workouts. 

Personal Training sessions can be once or twice weekly (discounts applied) and can be delivered both In Person and Online. 

(Appointment Duration: 30, 45, 60 mins)

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Private Yoga

Have you been curious about yoga but don't like the idea of group classes or are unsure about just how to start?

We offer private 1-0n-1 Yoga sessions for those who are wanting to begin their yoga practice in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Sessions can be delivered both In Person and Online, and can be adapted to your

level of comfort and fitness.

(Appointment Duration: 30, 45, 60 mins)

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