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Belly Banish

Belly Banish

PriceFrom $7.95

Are you doing all the right things with diet and lifestyle, but can't seem to lose those few extra kilos?


Would you like a little help to shift some extra inches around your middle?


Looking to burn some belly fat and start feeling trim and terrific?


The ingredients in our Belly Banish Tea have long been known for their ability to boost your energy levels while giving a little rev to your metabolism, so you may be able to switch into fat burn mode easily and effortlessly.


Perfect as an accompaniment with breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.



Apple, Asparagus, Cinnamon, Ginger Root and Sencha Green Tea.


Available in various sizes, Loose Leaf & Bagged.

We also make custom creations just for you.


Ingredients have been known to have the following therapeutic actions: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, enhanced circulation & digestion, hormone balancing, increased energy & metabolism, lower blood pressure and weight loss.


(Disclaimer: Herbal teas offer many proven health benefits, however certain ingredients may interact with different medications and/or be contraindicated for certain conditions. If unsure, please consult with your Qualified Health Practitioner to decide whether this tea is suitable for you.)

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