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Dietary & Shopping Advice

Dietary & Shopping Advice


Our dietary and shopping advice service is designed to provide you hands on and tailored education that can help you make healthier choices when it comes to grocery shopping and meal preparation.


Whether you're wanting to manage a specific allergy, condition or intolerance, wanting to improve your general wellbeing, or would like to just learn how to create and stick to a healthier diet on a budget, our guided supermarket trip with a qualified Nutritionist is the perfect place to start. 


Dietary modification has been shown to assist in managing the following conditions: arthritis, ASD, diabetes, high blood pressure, MS, high cholesterol, inflammatory conditions, IBS, coeliac disease and more. So whether you have one of the above conditions or not, educating yourself about healthy eating (and healthy shopping) is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. 


Our dietary and shopping advice trip can be tailored to suit your needs and generally takes around 1 hour.


To find out more, reach out via our Contact Page or Free Discovery Call, or if you are ready to change the way you shop and eat, you can purchase your personal shoppinng trip now. 


We will be in touch to arrange a suitable day and time. 

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