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Health and Wellness Consultations

Health and Wellness Consultations

PriceFrom $50.00

Our comprehensive Initial Consultations involve a thorough history taking, clarification of concerns, audit of current dietary, medication and supplemental intake, assessment of lifestyle behaviors, client education and goal setting, testing (if necessary) and then formulation of personalized treatment plan.

Although this is our first major connection with new clients, we are dedicated to, and experienced in, sourcing the root cause of your concerns within this visit.


It is our aim that you will leave this appointment having learnt something new about yourself and your health.

(Appointment Time: Up to 90 mins - Fee $150)


Our Follow Up consultations allow you to stay connected and supported as you work towards your health goals which were established in your Initial Consultation. Follow Up visits provide the opportunity to discuss any new concerns you may have,

any changes that you may require in your treatment plan and may also help you to stay motivated and on target, while you continue along your path to greater wellness.

It is our aim that you will leave this appointment feeling inspired and positive.

(Appointment Time: Up to 45 mins - Fee $75)


Acute / Brief Consultations 


For returning clients who are requiring acute / brief assistance for short term illnesses such as cold/flu viruses, tummy bugs, supplement requests. 


(Appointment Time: Up to 30 mins - Fee $50)


We will contact you to confirm BOOKING arrangements to make a suitable day/time.

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