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Matcha Magic

Matcha Magic

PriceFrom $7.95

Feeling a little blah & foggy? Craving some clarity, focus and motivation? Matcha Magic may be just what you need.


With an invigorating and uplifting combination of organic matcha, fruits and spice, this tea is perfect for anytime you need a physical and mental lift and shift, with a little inspiration.


Added bonus is that the health benefits are amazing as Matcha is known to possess extremely high antioxidant levels, which fight of disease and free radicals, among other things.


Ingredients: Organic Matcha Tea, Lemon Peel, Ginger and Goji Berries.


Available in various sizes. Loose Leaf & Bagged, OR if you prefer a powdered formula, reach out as we make custom creations just for you.


Ingredients have been known to have the following therapeutic actions: Anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, high antioxidants, energising, enhances eye, immune and skin health, increases metabolism assisting with weight loss, cardiopulmonary & hepato-protective, neuroprotective, supports healthy vision.


(Disclaimer: Herbal teas offer many proven health benefits, however certain ingredients may interact with different medications and/or be contraindicated for certain conditions. If unsure, please consult with your Qualified Health Practitioner to decide whether this tea is suitable for you.)

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